How to keep grill from rusting?

Who is not fond of savory food? The smell of grilling food on a party night holds you and leave you drooling. Grilling in the backyard in order to spend time with your friends and family is quite traditional. It is one of the finest family activity.

But what if the grills become rusted? Rusting makes grills unattractive and make it loose its integrity. Ultimately, making the grill to become useless for you.  Do you want to enjoy the traditional and fine grilling moments with your family and friends using a rust free grill? Do not worry. We got you covered!

So, in order to keep your grill from rusting and to preserve it for the future use because it is a lifetime investment what can you do about it? Following are some amazing tips and methods to keep your grill from rusting.

But before we get started with the tips and tricks to keep the grill from rusting let’s get to know what is rusting?

Rusting is generally the oxidation of iron objects in the presence of oxygen and water. The combination of iron, moisture and oxygen is claimed to be the recipe of disaster in the form of rust.

In other words, the iron objects that are exposed to environmental changes undergo a chemical reaction resulted in corrosive effect on metallic objects. Grills are mostly made up of metallic material and are prone to rust. Although a number of high quality grills have the ability to resist the corrosion to some extent, though with no proper cleaning and care they might deteriorate and corrode.

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Now, let’s Grab a tender piece of grilled meat and dive right in.

  • Avoid pouring liquids and try to keep grill dry

    Moisture is the biggest enemy that causes rusting. In order to preserve your grill for a long time use try to avoid pouring liquids on to the grill.
    Many of us love marinated meat with BBQ sauce. So, to avoid the excess BBQ sauce pouring on to the grill and rusting, try to marinade your meat in the kitchen instead of pouring it while grilling. Otherwise the excess BBQ sauce poured on to your meat will clog into the grills burners and rust them. The only way to protect your grill is by marinating meat before grilling or by pouring sauce onto your plate instead of pouring it onto the grill.

  • Keep it clean and Dry

    Another way to keep your grill from rusting and preserving for long term is keeping it clean and dry. If after cleaning even a little moisture is left behind, it will undergo a chemical reaction and damages the grill. Make sure that you will dry all the inner spots with towel because water that collects and clogs inside has an extraordinary potential of rusting.

  • Cleaning hot grills

    It is often known as that a clean grill is a protected grill. So, in order to clean charcoal grills, the best way is to clean it while it is still hot by sprinkling water and rubbing it with the help of a brush. The leftover ashes gather at the bottom of a cook box and then washed away with soapy water. After cleaning your charcoal grates do not forget to apply oil on to them to keep them protected and preserved for future use.

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  • Deep cleaning after 10-15 sessions

    Deep cleaning every so often is among the best ideas to keep your grill from rusting and using it for a longer time period. To do a deep cleaning you have to dismantle the grills and soak them for an hour in a solution of hot water mixed with 1 cup of dish soap and ¼ cup of baking soda. After an hour of being soaked in soapy water, brush the grates and wipe the residuals of food particles and ashes lingered on to the grills with soft clothes. You should keep drying the grills with the tissue paper or towel followed with the non-abrasive
    material focusing on the inner corners where moisture can build up and influences potential rusting.
    Lastly, you have to clean the grates with detergent and polish them even if they are made up of stainless steel because in reality they are also prone to rust and stains.

  • Greasing the grill

    For providing maximum protection to your grates and grill you have to apply oil to them.  Firstly, you need to grease the grills with vegetable oil in order to reflect the rust and to make them useable. Furthermore, you have to keep them oiling every time after cleaning to keep them protected from rusting. Oil has the ability to repel the moisture which is a crucial cause of rusting.
    A thin coat of vegetable oil should be applied to the charcoal as well as gas grills and grill burners. You should better use brush to apply a thin layer of oil and never ever use Aerosol oil for greasing the grates because it is more likely to catch fire resulting in explosion and destruction. Another way to use vegetable oil to repel moisture is by using an oiled rag to coat the grates.

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  • Cover the grill

    Moisture and the climatic changes effect the grills badly. You have to take care of the grills in order to enhance their lifespan, preserve them for longer use and to keep them from rusting. When your grill is not in use it is necessary that you should cover them with the grill cover so that it will not be exposed to the outer environment. Sometimes humidity in the air or salty air near oceans can cause your grill to corrode if it’s not covered. In rainy season a grill covered with the cover protects itself from a biggest culprit that will rust your
    After the grilling season is over put a nylon or vinyl tight covers over your grill and store them inside.

  • Swap the corroded grates

    It is a common saying that one bad thing effects and damages all other good things and to stop this from happening you have to nip the evil in the bud. Similar is the case with your grates and grills. Grates are prone to rust before any other part of the grill and if the corrosion spread rapidly it will become difficult to stop it. Hence, affecting the other main parts of your grills which are irreplaceable. The only and the best solution that you can do to deteriorate corrosion is swapping the old rusted grates with the new ones. Before buying and swapping the old grates with new one you should make sure to buy a porcelain coated cast iron grates or stainless steel grates because they are claimed to be the best industrial option. Moreover, they have ability to reflect the rust and are considered the best solution to protect your grills.


  • Strain out the Liquid in the drip tray

    For your grills moisture is the biggest culprit that will cause your grates and grills to start rust. First and foremost, thing is that you should avoid pouring liquids on to it or exposing it to the rain. But if still some of the oil or grease makes its way to the drip tray underneath you should check and clean it.
    You should make sure to clean the drip try regularly and check it after every cooking session. Double check the tray after rain and drain out all the water and debris.

  • Immediate cleaning

    The moment you notice the sign of rusting on your grill without wasting a single moment you should clean it and remove the rust. You should use abrasive cloth to remove all the lingering particles and rust as well as oil it
    right after the cleaning. Grills are prone to rust so the rusting process spreads faster once it is started.

  • Keep the grill indoor

    You should keep your grill indoor so that you can use it for a longer time span without exposing it to rust. Indoor storage for grill is always a good idea because the less exposure your grill gets to the elements, the more chances you will have to keep it rust free. It is difficult to bring the grill out from the storage every time to use it but this is an optimal method to keep your grill from rusting and preserve it for a longer span.

Grills are lifetime investments and are part of the backyard making your happy moments. The rusted grills not only look unappealing but also have negative effects on your health. Furthermore, consuming rust leads to health problems by each passing day. So, in order to keep them rust free and functional, you have to follow the above mentioned simple methods and tricks instead of replacing the whole grill. You have to protect your grill from rust to ensure that you will be able to cook your food on the grill for many years and stay healthy.

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