Festivities and grilling–both go side by side. Spending quality time with friends and family enjoying a finely grilled slice of meat? Who doesn’t want that! You must have a fresh, perfectly-cleaned Traeger grill to make all the amazing food that’s worth drooling.

Cleaning a Traeger grill has always been a challenge. No one likes tasting burnt carbon on their heavenly steaks and kebabs. Not even the most romantic or exotic environment can undermine the taste of stale and burnt wood pellets. So yes, to make your food taste good enough, you not only need good

ingredients but also a perfectly maintained Traeger grill.

The frequency of using a Traeger grill differs from person to person. Someone who loves grilled food and doesn’t miss a chance to eat it will use it more often. Even though cleaning your grill depends on how frequently you use it, you should clean it at least three times a year. This ensures that your grill remains in good condition, especially if you are storing it during winter.

While cleaning can be tedious, it does not need to be that hard. You just need to check up on your grill and clean it regularly. Maintaining it well helps keep the pure wood-fired taste of the grill intact. You can only achieve all of this by removing the excess grease and ash. It keeps accumulating in the interior of the Traeger grill and needs to be taken out.

If your food gets all greasy and disoriented on your Traeger grill, you have come to the right place. And if you are skeptical about getting a Traeger grill, you would definitely want to invest in one after reading this article.

Here is a small step-by-step guide on how to clean your Traeger grill –

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Following these steps would make your Traeger grill look brand new and top-notch.

Protect your Traeger grill with a cover:

The first and foremost step in cleaning a Traeger grill is to protect it with a high-quality cover. It must be of the perfect size and of good material that offers protection. Most people place Traeger grills on their lawns or outside their houses. During rainy days, water and dust can enter the grill’s Pellet Hopper. A wet grill does not cook the best food. This results in bad-tasting food and improper functioning of the grill.

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Remove the grease from your Traeger grill:

With the increase in the use of Traeger grill, grease builds up inside it. You need to remove this grease with time. It plays the most critical role in maintaining the cleanliness of the grill. This task is not everyone’s favorite, but it’s easy. You must empty your grease on a plastic cup or anything that you can discard later on. Do not pour the grease into your sink drain or gutters. Doing so can damage the pipes. If the grease is hot, you must cool it down before discarding it.

If you collect grease in a bucket, clean it with hot soapy water after discarding the grease. There should be no leftover grease after this step. It is necessary to line your bucket with aluminum foil. This helps to save your grill from the built-up grease in the future. Even though all of the grease won’t be out, most of it wouldn’t reach the bottom of the grill.

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Clean your grease drain pan:

The best way to clean your grease drain pan is by changing the aluminum foil lining. While this isn’t the only step you should take, it is best when you are in a hurry. In order to ensure that the drain pan is thoroughly cleaned, you have to check the interior of the foil. When grease starts building up over time, it damages the metal in the drain pan. As a start, you should remove any remains of the grease scattered in the drain tab as well as the grease pan. Use a metal spatula for this purpose. You need to do it right after the cooking because grease is easier to remove when warm. This is important not only for the cleanliness but also for the prevention of grease fires. Drain tube and drain pan

should be cleaned after regular intervals to prevent these fires.

Clean your grill exterior thoroughly:

You just need a little bit of soap and water to maintain the powder coating of your Traeger grill. Clean the exterior of your grill or wipe it down with this mixture of soapy water. This simple formula works every time. It will remove any remains of grease, dust, and grime.

While cleaning the exterior of the grill, you should not use hard-core cleaners or pads. They will damage the material of your grill and scar the exterior. In order to maintain the brand new image of the grill exterior, you should use non-abrasive cleaners.


Take out the extra ash from your firepot:

You have to take out the extra ash from your firepot from time to time. This is important in order to keep your Traeger grill clean and new. For this, you will need to take out the porcelain grill grate, the grease drain pan, and the heat baffle. All of them should be removed and cleaned thoroughly for the effective removal of built-up ash. This step can turn into such an easy task with the help of a standard shop/ash vacuum cleaner. Using a shop vac, you can suck out all of the ash from the grill’s interior. The Traeger grill should be vacuumed after every fifth use for an easy cleaning process. All the grill components should be cooled before you clean built-up ash.

Spray the components of the grill:

You should thoroughly spray all the inside and outside components of the grill. Natural cleaners or degreasers should be used for this purpose. After soaking them, you should allow them to sit for several minutes. All of the components must be dried and cleaned with a paper towel or any kind of cleaning cloth after a while.

Finally, reinsert all the components: drip pan, the heat baffle, new bucket liners, grill grates, and start grilling again!!

Proper maintenance is always the key to the effective functioning of any appliance. You should look after the Traeger grill by keeping it clean. You can do this by removing the built-up ash and grease, and you can keep it brand new. As a result, its functioning won’t be affected in any manner.

Alternate methods for the cleaning of the Traeger grill

There are also some other easy-to-do and alternate cleaning methods for Traeger grills. They don’t take much time and provide good results. Some of them are as follows.

Use a self-cleaning oven:

  • Clean the cooking grids deeply by placing them in a self-cleaning oven. When you turn the knob, it starts cleaning the grill on its own. This step assures the cleanliness of oven grids. Without using elbow grease, you can clean the cooking grid. When cooking grids are covered with food deposits, self-cleaning ovens can be used.

Usage of ammonia for cleaning grills:

  • There is another effective method of cleaning the cooking grids. This method is applied by placing the cooking grids in a hard yard waste sack. Add one and a half cups of ammonia and seal the bag. Let it stay like that overnight. The next day, remove the grids and clean them thoroughly with hot water. Ammonia dissolves the grease that is built up in different parts of the grids.

Dust off the grill surface:

  • If you have a stainless steel grill, dust off the grill surface every time you start cooking. Do this dusting with a damp cloth. Otherwise, the dirt will discolor the metal affect the taste of food.

Clean the aluminum foil:

  • The cleanliness of aluminum foil always plays an integral part in the maintenance of the Traeger grill. Replace the aluminum foil regularly on the drip pan and clean it thoroughly. You must wrap the foil tightly around the edges. This will help in keeping the even flow of air.

Clean the temperature sensors:

  • Some of the Traeger grills come with a thermometer. The size and location of this thermometer are changed accordingly in every grill. It depends upon the structure and model of the grill. However, it is of small size and about the length of an inch. Most of the time, people damage the thermometer while removing the grill racks. You need to extra cautious. The grill racks would not be able to maintain the temperature while cooking if the thermometer gets destroyed. You also need to clean the temperature sensor regularly. You can use a spray with grease cleaner for its cleaning. Paper towels with a wipe can also serve the purpose.


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