Gas grill vs electric grill | which is better and why?

With summer around the corner, are you already planning with your friends and families for small camping or picnic in your farmhouse? Then let me tell you, don’t forget about barbecue since it always features the best picnic food throughout the world.

Sitting around the garden with your families and friends, the center table full of plates stacked with burgers, and the aroma spreading across the garden with the sound of laughing under a starry night is probably the most memorable experience one can get in a lifetime.

To ensure that the barbecues can be prepared in a good manner, you must purchase the best grills available in the market. But the one thing that confuses almost all buyers is whether it is good to buy a gas grill or an electric gas grill.

Are the electric grills good? Or the gas grills are better? To solve this confusion, we felt the need to prepare a guide on the gas grill vs electric grills in detail.

The choice of the grill has a direct impact on the food’s taste and also the maintenance cost involved. Both the cooking on electric grills or gas grills come with their advantages and disadvantages, so you need to check your requirements and select one to purchase.


A general overview of the electric gas grills –

The cooking on electric grills does not require any combustion; it is more like using an electric griddle indoors. Unlike the other types of grills, electric grills use the power of electricity for cooking food. So, all you need is to plug it just into a household wall outlet. You will not get flare-ups for burning the food that is required to cook it. Therefore, these types of grills are very easy to use with consistent and good results from the very beginning.

The cooking on gas grills makes the use of either propane or natural gas. They usually consist of single or multiple burners for cooking food. As a grill user, you need to adjust the flame intensity as per the cooking requirements. You do not need to mess up with charcoal and gas grills offer a real flame-like experience.

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Are electric grills good? || Advantages and Disadvantages–

Pros –

  • The electric grills heat up quite fast thus you can complete your grilling tasks within few minutes.
  • Since there is no involvement of combustion fuels, you can use them safely indoors as well.
  • The electric grills are much lighter in weight and portable so they are ideal for camping purposes.
  • There is no smoke hence does not require much cleaning as compared to charcoal or gas grills.
  • All you need to operate it is just plugging the cord into a household wall outlet, so the overhead for replacing propane tanks is much reduced.
  • The price of electric grills is much affordable.

Cons –

  • The traditional taste of food is not much in these electric grills as compared to gas or charcoal grills.
  • With regular usage, your electricity bills can spike up a bit.

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Are gas grills good? || Advantages and Disadvantages –

Pros –

  • Gas grills ensure the cooking of food very fast with a quick ignition and heating rate, thus saving both your money and time.
  • Gas grills are a much cost-effective solution in the long run since it involves low maintenance and fuel changing is also less frequent.
  • The adjustable control knobs of the gas grills will help you to easily control the heat as per your needs.
  • It is much safe to use since there are no carbon flames included like the charcoal grills.
  • You can easily start the gas grills.
  • An authentic taste will be persistent in the food by cooking them on gas grills.

Cons –

  • A lot of space is required, so suitable for outdoor use like gardens or backyards.
  • Somewhat dangerous than electric grills due to the propane tanks.
  • These are not portable.

> Electric grill vs gas grill comparison –


Points of Comparison Electric Grills Gas Grills
Type of cooking food The food is cooked evenly Grilled appearance.   The cooking of foods is mostly uneven though it depends on the cook’s experience and conditions.
Level of usage Very simple to use, maintain, and clean.   More or less simple to easy but not as easy as the electric grills.
Requirement of space The space required to keep these grills is minimum.   More space is required to keep these grills and the sizes are variable.
Reliability The electric grills are much reliable but maintenance costs can be higher.   The gas grills are also reliable and the maintenance costs are cheaper.
Features You can only enjoy the grilling feature.   Gas grills offer many feature options to employ new grilling methods.
The capacity of the cooking area The capacity of cooking is small.

Very few models offer more than 250sq. in.

  The main cooking space is much larger over 250 sq. in. to 600 sq. in.
Flavor The cooking on electric grills will produce little to no smoky effect.   Smoke and char flavor is possible by cooking with gas grills.
Weather conditions Specially designed for indoor use, not at all suitable to use them in rain or snow outdoors.   Gas grills can be used in any type of weather condition.
Cleaning/Maintenance The cleaning requirement is not very high.   Need to clean quite frequently.
Cost price Costing price is low; maintenance costs are high.   The cost price of gas grills is more than electric ones but the maintenance cost is lower.
Usage popularity These are not widely used since they cannot be used outdoors.   They are widely used because of no restrictions on weather conditions and lower maintenance costs.
Portability Light in weight, thereby portable; suitable for camping or tailgating.   They are not portable.

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Detailed Study of the electric and gas grill comparison –

-Finished Foods’ quality and taste:

The electric grills will produce no flames for which cooking on electric grills is much consistent. Any kind of food can be cooked using electric grills without any problem. On the other hand, gas grills use real-time flames to prepare food. But you can also produce consistent results with a gas grill with experience but requires more work since the heat will fluctuate.

The dripping juices in a gas grill cause some smoke with the charred fat, sauces that enhance the flavor. With an electric grill, you will not experience this type of taste. Thus, for a delicious barbecue with authentic taste and flavor, a gas grill beats the electric grill.


-The convenience of use:

The electric grills are very simple and easy to use. All you need is a power supply to set up your electric grills. If you have used an electric stovetop, you may face no problem using an electric grill. A dial is also provided that can help you to adjust the temperature quite fast and easily.

Gas grills light up instantly with an in-built ignition system or you may just need a match to light it up. Thus, both the electric gas grills are quite easy and comfortable to use, but the electric grill is the winner among the two in respect of ease of use.



In terms of features, gas grills offer much more options than electric ones. The features of electric grills are very limited. On the other side, gas grills with two or more burners offer plenty of options to try out various grilling options. Hence, apart from only grilling, if you want to explore more options, then it is best to choose gas grills.


-Size and requirement of space to store:

The electric grills are much smaller in size, thus you require just 2 sq ft of space to store these electric grills. If the electric grills have wheels and side shelves, then you may require a slightly extra amount of space to keep them.

On the other side, gas grills come in varying sizes starting from mini to larger ones. The average-sized gas grills require a space of approximately 24 sq ft. But some of the larger outdoor units can range more than 8-feet in length.


-Reliability of the grills:

For reliability, you need to select a grill whether electric or gas that is some of the best ones in the market from reputable brands. You do not need to worry about any issues within the warranty period for both the grills since the company will repair them at no extra charges.

However, after the warranty period, the repairing costs of a gas grill are much lesser compared to an electric grill though the cost price of gas grills is more. This is the reason, gas grills are considered a cost-effective solution in the long run.


-Weather considerations:

This is a major distinguishable factor among the electric grills and the gas grills. The electric grills cannot be used outdoors especially if it is raining or snowing. Thus, electric grills are more meant to be used indoors and it is quite safe as well since there is no smoke released.

On the other hand, gas grills can suit any weather considerations. The only thing that you need to take care of is to clean it before covering it if you use it in rainy weather. Therefore, you may think that gas grills are the winner in this respect, but whatever you buy, if the weather outside is not good, it is always better to enjoy your party indoors.


-Popularity in terms of usage:

Yes, indeed, gas grills are much widely used due to the various shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Electric grills are also used by thousands of people but grill owners are more inclined towards gas grills due to the lot of features they offer.

Therefore, you must study all these factors before making your choice between electric grills and gas grills.

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Electric grill vs gas grills summary –

Electric grills –

      Reasons for liking:

  • No overhead of changing fuel frequently.
  • Very simple to use and clean.
  • Indoor usage is possible due to little or no smoke.
  • The running cost is low.

      Reasons for disliking:

  •  The food will not have an authentic smoky flavor.
  • With no electricity, it is not possible to operate.

      Best suited for:

  •  People having no yard but want to enjoy delicious barbecues.
  • Those who do not like the smoky flavor.
  • Grillers who use to cook food on grills occasionally.

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Gas Grills –

 Reasons for liking:

  • Heating is quick and fast.
  • A lot of features and grilling options (roasting/2-zone grilling).
  • Smoky and char flavor in the foods.
  • You can cook outside on the lawn under any weather conditions.

 Reasons for disliking:

  • Overhead for changing propane tanks.
  • Natural gas is somewhat expensive.

 Best suited for:

  • Those having a pre-existing gas connection.
  • People who want the real flavor of barbecues.

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The Final Thoughts…

With this, we have come to an end of this guide on gas grill vs electric grills comparison. Hope you have enjoyed the series and found it helpful. We have included all the relevant points that can clear all your doubts.

Take care and enjoy grilling!


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