How to clean a cast-iron grill pan?

It’s a perfect weekend, and you have asked your friends to come over. A Movie Night with great fun and a barbecue in the backyard is the finest moment you longed for. Furthermore, being the host, you’re trying to do your best and get all the required things in one place. Organize all the cutlery and utensils, and then you rummage through your storeroom and find a rusty grill pan.

What a boomer!

But you can save yourself from this embarrassment and stop worrying about your party. Because we here at grillNgrilling would share with you all the solutions to the problems related to your grilling habit.

All you have to do is to follow the following simple tips and tricks. These simple tricks will do the deed for you and clean your cast iron grill pan.

Cleaning the cutlery and utensils is easy if you do it right after the cooking session is over. But to clean the iron grill pan later with lingering food particles will make it tough for you. Moreover, the moisture in the inner corners of your iron grill pan will tend it to rust.

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But, today, whether it is rust or a cloud of dust, we will show you the easiest methods to clean a cast-iron grill pan. With the aid of items available at home, we will make it as new as if it just came out of the production chamber for you to use.

Without any further delay, Let’s just get started with the easy cleaning ways for cast-iron grill pan…

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  • By boiling water in the grill pan and using the spatula

The most effective method to clean the cast iron grill pan and remove the pan’s lingering food particles is boiling water. Water is kept inside the grill pan with tall sides to loosen the food bit and remove them quickly.

To remove food bits from the grill pan, use this boiling water-effective method step-wise for better results.

Firstly, you have to fill the grill pan with water up to 2 or 3 inches and then put it on a stovetop for boiling.

Once the water starts boiling, the sticky food particles will start to loosen up and float on the surface, leaving the grill pan’s surface.

If you find few hard food bits still sticking on the pan’s surface or edges, use the spatula to scrape them.

After getting rid of all the debris and the lingering food particles, let your pan cool down and then drain the remaining water. Furthermore, once the pan is free of all the residues, rinse it using hot water and dry it with a piece of cloth to keep it safe from moisture – a crucial enemy that causes rusting.

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  • Using salt and water paste

The preferable method for chefs for cleaning a cast-grill pan is claimed to be a salt and water solution. This solution of salt efficiently brushes out the thick food particles stuck on the cast-grill pan’s surface. Additionally, it protects the seasoned surface of the pan as well.

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You must be eager to know that how you can make use of this salt and water solution. So, here you go.

Once your cooking session is over, put your cast-grill pan aside for a moment to lower its temperature from hot to tolerable. After that, sprinkle salt abrasively to cover the entire surface of the pan. Once the process of salt sprinkling is over, add a trivial amount of water to make a paste-like solution. Then use a sponge to scrub it all over the pan’s surface and between the ridges to eliminate lingering food residues. Lastly, use hot water to rinse the salt-water paste and remainders.

  • Soap and water

In the list of tips and tricks to clean the cast-grill pan, the most suggested and convenient method is to use soap and water to remove the leftover flavours of your previous grill pan seasoning.

To enjoy the benefits of dishwasher soap in removing stuck-on food bits, you need to put a trivial amount of soap at the cast-grill pan centre and add mild hot water to it. Once the process of placing soap and adding water is over, use a sponge to brush off the food bits lingering on the pan’s surface and edges. To sum up, this cleansing trick, rinse of loosening up food bits and all the dishwashing soap for a better outcome.

  • Using salt coarse as a scrubber

Although we have already explained the method to remove food residuals using salt and water solution, several people prefer using salt itself as a whole cleansing agent. It works effectively, just like it does when mixed with water.

For cleaning a cast-grill pan using salt, you need to put an extensive amount of salt on the pan’s surface and rub it using a doubled-up towel directing on the lingering food bits until they loosen up. Once all the food bits leave the surface, remove the salt and the debris with the help of a clean folded towel.

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Few effective and practical tips to keep your cast iron grill pan clean and preserved for future usage

There are several methods that you use to clean your grill pan but to prolong its life span and preserve it for a more extended period, you need to follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Never ever leave water in your grill pan, and make sure that there is no moisture left in the inner corners and ridges as well. Because water is the crucial enemy of iron, and if you allow it to soak, it will cause your cast iron pan to rust.
  • Additionally, if you have a cast-iron grill pan with a lid, do not stockpile it with the covering on. Otherwise, it will trap the dampness and vapours inside the grill pan from the air, resulting in rust. The simplest solution to avoid it is that store the cast iron grill pan without the lid on.
  • To keep your pan safe from deformation, do not allow a hot grill pan’s direct contact with the cold water; allow the pan to reach a tolerable temperature. But if you still want to clean right after a cooking session, evade the deformation by using hot water for cleaning instead of cold water.
  • You are always more worried about cleaning the food bits lingering on the grill, but what about the excess oil? With the excessive oil you use for seasoning, your cast-iron grill pan will be left with a greasy layer on its surface if you do not wipe away the extra oil. So, to avoid this, always go for butter or margarine.
  • Raise the temperature of your oven to the possible highest level while seasoning the pan with oil. High oven temperature will allow the oil to start breaking down its bond while passing its smoking point and grease the pan’s surface, forming a smooth surface.
  • Moreover, remove the surplus oil from the cast iron grill pan with a towel or tissue, set the grill pans-handle upside down, and place an aluminium foil beneath the grill while seasoning to permit the extra oil to drip off throughout the cooking process.
  • Lastly, always try to put a towel on the sink if you wash your cast iron grill pan there to keep the lower surface or bottom of your pan scratch-free.

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Final words

Cast iron grill pan is something that is used in every home and adds more joy to barbeque and grilling nights. These pans are a bit expensive, so you for sure want to preserve them for future generations. Thus, this is only possible when your cast iron grill pan is well maintained. Taking care of your grilling pan will not only prolong its life period but also make it appealing and hygienic. So, to keep it rust-free and serviceable, you have to clean it after every cooking session, and after rinsing off, dry it thoroughly.

Furthermore, the above-mentioned tips and tricks will allow you to have healthy food without negative effects on your health and functionality of the cast-iron grill pan for a long instead of replacing it with a whole new cast iron grill pan. Ensure to protect your cast iron grill pan from moisture – a crucial enemy that damages the surface of the grill pan and develops rust. The more you take care of your cast iron grill pan and ensure to keep it from rust, the more years will add to your grill pan to cook food for you on party nights.

For now, we hope that you must have got the idea of how to clean your cast iron grill pan using simple methods and other tricks to keep it rust-free as well. We wish you a stroke of luck with your grill pan cleaning experiment and a perfect day ahead. Adios from our side.


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