WHAT TO GRILL – Best Grilling Ideas and Recipes

Summer’s Ahead for Grilling

Summer is ahead, in 2021, the June solstice occurs on Sunday, June 20, this will be the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and will be the longest day of the year! And we’ll start our beloved summer season from this day. 

So, are you ready to start the summer with some delicious grilled recipes? 

Grilling in the United States is not just for the weekends. Grilled foods are served at most of the special events varying from families to the government level. No one or no family can skip grilling even if they do not have parties to celebrate. But, when you grill, it is a party on its own. So, celebrate grilling outside, inside the house, and even if you are out with friends and family and camping. Grilling has its own fun in it.

If you are here for some grilling ideas for dinner, lunch, or camping, you are at the right place.

Here I would be sharing with you a list of categories of grilling recipes for the summer.

Just enjoy it. Here is a list of “what to grill for breakfast”, “what to grill for lunch”, “what to grill for vegetarians”, “what are vegetables to grill” and “what to grill for dinner” etc. 


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What to Grill for Lunch and Breakfast?

Do you know that there are many recipes that can be grilled for not only dinner but for breakfast and lunch too? These easy peasy grilling ideas can be utilized for everyday breakfast and lunch. You can now GRILL all day and all the weekend these versions of favorites like French toast, pizza and tacos, etc and much.

Grilled French Toast Kebabs



Visit this link for the full recipe:  MyRecipes 

Time Takes: This recipe takes only 30 minutes and you can also be saved for dinner. 

Kebabs are famous for the original taste of the meat. Kebabs reserve the energy and taste even if they are grilled a lot. Give more time they present before you the taste you want.

So, consider this recipe for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

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Grilled Breakfast Tacos



Visit this link for the full recipe:  JonesDairyForm

Time Takes: This recipe takes only 36 minutes. 

Juicy tomatoes, sweet corn and other colorful veggies are used to fill these tacos with a taste fit for your breakfast.  You can also get some flavor of eggs by adding eggs. 

Another thing you can do is carving heat by topping a salsa etc.

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Grilled Beef-Mushroom Burgers

Photographer:Jennifer Causey, Prop Stylist: Missie Neville Crawford, Food Stylist: Torie Cox credit


Visit this link for the full recipe:  CookingNight

Time Takes: This recipe takes only 20 minutes. 

These are non-bun burgers. These burgers are best known for the natural taste and are gluten-free. 

Another specialty of these burgers is that you can make them look green by adding more and more veggies and salad.


Foil Packet Potatoes and Sausage



Visit this link for the full recipe:  TasteofHome

Time Takes: This recipe takes only 10 minutes.

This recipe can be cooked quickly with not much energy surfed. If you are too hungry and want to cook your own dish for just 10 minutes you can go to grill with only potatoes and some other veggies available in your ice-box. This recipe can be prepared with just 3 or 4 things like potatoes, sausage and beans etc.

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What to Grill for Dinner

Grilling for the dinner makes the dining table filled with some delicious dishes. This is all because you have some time to cook. And as you know cooking on a grill takes time and the more you give time to grilling more it increases taste naturally. 

Here I’ll provide here a list of the best grilling ideas for your dinner.

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Chili-Glazed Pork Ribs



Visit this link for the full recipe: Skips Meat Market

Time Takes: This recipe takes  3 hours. 

You can serve grilled ribs with sweet chili. This recipe is easy peasy but takes at least 2 hours to prepare. But, if the ribs you are going to grill are thin then they will need only 1 hour to be cooked. You can also balance the meal by serving cabbage on the side.

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Sticky Grilled Chicken



Visit this link for the full recipe: Recipe Tin Eats

Time Takes: This recipe takes  2 hours 35 minutes. 

This recipe takes only 4 steps to be on your dining table with ultimate freshness and crisp on it.

Are you a chicken meat fan? If yes! Then you should just try it.

The Longer You Marinate, The Better It will Taste


Honey Soy Grilled Pork Chops



Visit this link for the full recipe: Delish.com

Time Takes: This recipe takes 55 minutes. 

This recipe takes only 2 steps to be on your dining table with ultimate freshness and crisp on it.

Are you a chicken meat fan? If yes! Then you should give it a try.


Grilled Corn on the Cob



Visit this link for the full recipe: Delish.com

Time Takes: This recipe takes 15 minutes. 

If you are a veggies lover and want some freshness in the dinner with a delicious salty taste, then you must try this grilled recipe.

What are the best Vegetables to Grill?

Before vegetarians, vegetables are enough for the life. They provide you with all the tastes with the freshness you want. Of course, no one can deny the importance of vegetables on the dining table. But, if they are not cooked properly to the delicious taste and they do not contain the freshness after they are cooked then you definitely want to skip the veggies dishes. So, the first thing you need to do is to maintain the freshness and taste of the veggies after they are cooked.

Grilling vegetables can be somewhat complex, because vegetables may lose their freshness if they are cooked too much or exposed to too much heat.

So, here I will be sharing some ideas about “what to grill for vegetarians”. So let’s dive into it. I have added a link to the original recipe, you can just click and check it.


What are Good Steaks to Grill?

Are you confused about what types of meat cuts are good to grill and which are to avoid grilling? You may also want to know “what are good meats to grill” and “what to grill with steak”? Here in this list, I’ll be showing you the best meats and meat cuts to grill and which are to avoid when grilling. Some meats and meat steaks are only for cooking and some are only for grilling. So, if you are a newbie it is very important to know all of those meats and steaks.

But before I put a list of the best meats to grill and best steaks to grill, I just want to tell you how to buy meat from the butcher corner according to your budget with simple steps.

Steps to buying a Perfect Steak

  1. Look for Particular Cuts in the meat steaks – this is a sign of quality meat
  2. Buy according to your budget, if you see prime cuts then you can buy exceeding your budget otherwise normal cuts are better
  3. Visit the butcher and ask for the steaks according to your requirements. They have special expertise in it.

Grilling Meats – 3 Best Practices  Before You Go Grilling

  1. Warm your meat steaks before you go grilling, this will make your meat ready for grilling.
  2. Now move the meat to a cooler surface and cover it.
  3. At the last step, you should decrease the temperature again to normal or lesser.


Best Steaks to Grill

Here are some best steaks available in the USA to grill.

  • Flat iron Steak
  • Ribeye Steak
  • T-bone Steak
  • Filet mignon Steak
  • Porterhouse Steak
  • New York Strip Steak
  • Prime rib Steak
  • Skirt Steak
  • Sirloin Steak
  • Round/London broil Steak
  • Tenderloin (aka filet mignon)
  • New York strip steak
  • Ribeye Steak
  • Hanger Steak
  • Flank Steak


 Final Word

You can not just grill repeated recipes this summer. You need some variety of dishes and may go outside and celebrate some delicious grilling recipes according to your mood.

Grilling is a vast terminology when it comes to the variety of recipes. 

You can grill based on the event, you can grill according to your needs like grilling for dinner, grilling for breakfast and grilling for lunch etc. If you are out with family or friends you can grill something unique or something delicious. If you are grilling inside you can grill according to the needs of tonight’s dining table.

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